A Chemical Trading Company

We Provide Sustainable Solutions For The Global Chemical Market

The Company was founded to deliver innovative chemicals and technologies that focus on the customer’s design needs. We are advancing operation standards by devising precise techniques and equipment to be integrated into our plant operations to enhance the technological evolutions of developing your business strategies through our patented proprietary systems.


Gulfstream Chemicals is a chemical trading company with a corporate office in South Carolina, USA, and has close expert relations with many major chemical suppliers in the industry worldwide.

Likelihoods are, you use a product that comprises of materials produced by Gulfstream Chemicals.


Gulfstream specialty additives are used widely by the adhesives industry.


Gulfstream monomers are essential building blocks for polyimide resins for carbon fiber composites extensively used by the aerospace industry.


Gulfstream can execute multistep synthesis of complex, high purity API precursors used for further pharmaceutical synthesis.


Gulfstream Polyamide-imide (PAI) Resins are thermoset ultra-polymers that are robust, chemical resistant, and thermally stable.

Our products serve as raw materials that enhance the quality and performance of many products people use in their everyday lives.


Gulfstream fatty acid chlorides are used as starting materials by the North American detergents industry.


Many Gulfstream monomers and corrosion inhibitors are used by the paints and coatings industry.


Gulfstream ConSeal battery sealants reduce electrolyte leakage in dry cell batteries.


Gulfstream is a global supplier of accelerators, crosslinkers, and antioxidants to the rubber and tire industry.

We Are A Leading Supplier Of A Wide Array Of Basic Building Block Chemicals

  • Commercial Monomers and Additives
  • Specialty Polymers
  • Polyamide-Imide (PAI) Resins
  • Water Dilutable PAI Systems
  • Asphalt Additives
  • Portland Cement / Concrete Additives

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