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We Formulate Innovative Solution

Gulfstream Chemicals products and services influence people’s lives every day. Our team is dedicated to implementing great ideas to elements that substantially raise the Quality of life.

One of the many services we provide is producing and customizing any special chemicals to satisfy your company’s needs.

We have the capabilities and technical resources of laboratories to develop your special chemicals.

High Volume

We can fulfill high-volume orders either produced by us or from our chemical partners and deliver anywhere in the globe.

Long Term Contract

We strive to forge strategic partnerships and alliances as an effective way of developing innovative new solutions that bring value to our customers.


Necessitates expertise, experience, innovative ideas, standard methodologies, and dedication to safety.


We can support all your import and export customs-related issues and assist with your logistical needs by Rail, Air, Sea, and Truck.


We have produced special chemicals for companies such as SpaceX, Michelin, BMW, and many more.

Industries We Service

Raw Materials That Enhance Quality And Performance


We supply materials for the specialization of additives that are used extensively to enhance adhesives production.


Gulfstream can execute a multistep synthesis of complex, high purity API precursors used for further pharmaceutical synthesis.


Our integrated monomers are quintessential building blocks for polyimide resins for carbon fiber composites primarily used by the aerospace industry.


Our Polyamide-imide (PAI) Resins are thermoset ultra-polymers that are robust, chemical resistant, and thermally stable.


Our fatty acid chlorides are demanded as starting components by the North American detergents industry.


Our exclusive ConSeal battery sealants diminish electrolyte leakage in dry cell batteries.


Numerous of our monomers and corrosion inhibitors are recommended by the paints and coatings industry.


We are a global supplier of accelerators, crosslinkers, and antioxidants to the rubber and tire industry.

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